Below are some of the questions I’ve received involving living a life on the road and in a Van. Please comment or shoot me an email if you have other questions you’d like answered.

What do you use for power?

At this point in time the only power in the van I currently have is from the van battery itself, and a couple portable re-chargeable external batteries.  The van battery, while the ignition is on, powers the USB port that I plug my phone into while driving, this helps me charge up my phone while on the move.  It also powers a couple dome lights in house part of the van, but I only keep those on in small increments of time. 

I carry two Anker external batteries.  The reason I own these are for long backpacking trips where I can use them to recharge my phone, GPS, and headlamp.  But they also come in handy while van living.  They are perfect for that extra phone or tablet charge.  One is a smaller at 10,000mAh, and the other is a larger 20,000mAh battery.  The smaller of the two will fully charge my iPhone from 0-100% once, and the larger battery will do that plus some!  I highly recommend Anker batteries to anyone looking for a little extra battery power while on an extended outdoor adventure!

In the future I hope to install and implement a complete solar system.  Panels on the roof of the van, battery storage, and all the wiring and necessary components to help power lights, outlets, a fridge, vent fan, and other power necessary appliances.  I’m saving up money for this future system at the moment.

How long have I been living in the Van?

I purchased my current van in September of 2018.  During the winter of 2018/2019 I wasn’t living in the Van, but working, saving money, and slowly beginning the process of building it out.

When May of 2019 came around it was time prep and saddle up for the current adventure: Traveling the country attempting to reach the highest point in each State. On May 28th, 2019 I set off. This is when I consider myself to have started living the “Van Life”.

(At the time of this last edit, I’ve been living in the van for almost 1 month now)

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