For some air travel can be daunting and the most troublesome part of a trip. I’ve been on countless flights and have learned some tips and tricks that have really helped make air travel stress free, and even enjoyable! It all starts with adopting an attitude of accepting it for what it is and embracing the experience. Air Travel is usually the first part of your adventure when traveling, thus we should treat it as we would exploring a new city, or hiking in a new place. Take in all the sights and sounds of the airport, learn to roll with the punches, be kind, and I promise you’ll enjoy the experience! Just think of all the people around you in an airport, imagine all the different backgrounds and cultures they come from! So cool to think about!

Without further delay, here are my tips for making air travel a smoother experience:

  • Wear Sandals or Slip-Off Shoes
  • Prep your belongings prior to getting in the Security Line (Remove belts, empty pockets into carry-on, empty water bottles)
  • Always be kind and courteous to Airport Security personnel 
  • Arrive with ample time to check in and pass through security
  • Where comfortable clothing, nothing restrictive (another reason for sandals or loose shoes, your feet may swell when on your flight)
  • Have patience while traveling, a lot may be out of your control, so no reason to get upset, instead embrace it as part of the travel experience (maybe even learn from it for future travel)
  • Be sure to scan the area you’ve been sitting in to make sure you have all your belongings, whether in the ternminal, or your seat on the plane.

Pro Tip: Before boarding your flight have your headphones, book, tablet, etc in your hands and out of your bag.  This way you won’t need to dig through your carryon either when you find your seat, or in mid flight.

  • Wifi on flights: Some flights have wifi service than is free or can be purchased.  A lot of the times the info can be found in the seatback magazine or by asking your flight attendant 
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Chew gum to help with the cabin pressures at altitude.

Got your own tips? Would love to hear them! Leave a comment below and let us help each other all become more relaxed, kind, and excited air travelers!

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