Thru Hiking is a unique type of hiking among the outdoor world.  Traditionally it implies hiking a long trail that would include: resupply, town stops, and such things as mail drops.

Being a Thru Hiker myself, and have enjoyed the challenges of what thru hiking brings, I try to ecourage other outdoor lovers to give it a shot.  I enjoy talking thru hiking, and discussing the logistics of it.

Thru Hiking involves quite a bit of preparation.  Such things as resupply, water sources, navigation, and contingency measures are quite important.  On the other side of things, it can be such a rewarding experience.  You become so empowered, and build confidence in your abilty to travel through vast amounts of land on foot.

During a thru hike you may encounter all kinds of weather and terrain.  On any given day it may be snowing, raining, or brutally hot.  You also may find yourself traveling over mountains, desert, or through vast forests.  I love the variety this challenging activity provides!

Trails List

Looking to embark on a Thru Hiking adventure!? Here are some possible options, some you probably well know, some maybe not so. Enjoy browsing the list! U.S Trails: Appalachian Trail (~2,200 miles) Arizona Trail (Arizona/~800 miles) Benton Mackaye Trail Bigfoot Trail (California) Buckeye Trail (Ohio) Colorado Trail (Colorado) Continental Divide Trail (~3,100 miles) Florida Trail…

What is a Thru Hike?

The definition of Thru Hiking can easily become a highly debated topic.  I’m going to start by saying there can be many definitions.  This may not be a very satisfying answer, but hang with me, I’m going to outline below what I consider the range of what a Thru Hike could be defined as. A Thru Hike…