Follow along as I attempt the summits of Colorado’s 100 highest mountains.  Colorado’s Centennial Peaks are unlike any other set of mountains found in one state!

Colorado, as you might know, is known for its plethora of 14,000 foot peaks!  It has more 14ers than any other state.  The Colorado Centennials are the highest 100 peaks in the state of Colorado.  The highest being Mount Elbert at 14,433 feet, and the lowest being Dallas Peak, at a still high 13,809 feet.  53 of the peaks are above 14,000 feet, the rest being high 13ers.

A lot of the peaks are fairly easy class 1 or class 2 climbs.  Others however, are a bit more technical and will challenge me for sure!  But that’s what this is all about, the challenge! Challenges are what keep me going, and I enjoy seeing what I’m capable of.  This in turn reminds me of what we are all capable of!

I have no set timeline as to when I wish to complete this self-imposed goal of mine.  It’s a relaxed and a ‘take them as them come’ kind of personal goal.

Grays & Torrey's

Gray’s & Torrey’s Peaks

The Details Gray’s Peak: 14,270′ (Rank: 9th) Torrey’s Peak: 14,267′ (Rank: 11th) Elevation Gain: ~3,634′ Route Length: ~8.3 miles Centennial Pursuit: 6/100 Description: Grays & Torrey’s Peaks are two 14ers often climbed together, and are tremendously popular among outdoor enthusiasts who live in the Front Range.  Both are often climbed together in a single day with…