Follow me as I set out on a 50 State High Point Tour.  From Maine to Hawaii, and even up to Alaska.  I’ll be traveling the United States in search of state high points!

I’ll be traveling the country from East to West in my DIY campervan.  Seeing the country in a way I have never seen it before.  Chasing State high points will allow me to follow a unique line across the country, going off the beaten path for sure.

In chasing this adventure I’ll be attempting one of the Seven Summits.  The roof of Alaska is Denali, and is the highest point in the North American Continent.  I’ll also go low, visiting the lowest point in the United States, Badwater Basin. This low point is 297 feet below sea level.

There are sure to be ups and downs (mostly ups), so I hope you follow along, and share in this journey with me!

State High Points

High Pointing is the pursuit of reaching the highest natural point in every state. Below is a list of the highest points in each of the 50 States. Rank State Name Elevation 1. Alaska Denali 20,310′ 2. California Mount Whitney 14,498′ 3. Colorado Mount Elbert 14,433′ 4. Washington Mount Rainier 14,411′ 5. Wyoming Gannett Peak…


Location:  Bellafontaine, Ohio Elevation: 1,549′ Land Owner/Manager: This high point is located on private land, but is open to the public almost all of the time.  On the property is a Career Center, and the sight of an Aircraft Control & Warning Center used during the Cold War. Round Trip Mileage: 0.5 miles or less…