I have always dreamed of adventure. I grew up reading books about adventure, and watching movies with adventurous plot lines. I recently realized I needed to stop dreaming and start living these adventures. They say, “where there is a will, there is a way”. I’m here to find that way and to inspire you to find yours.

Grays & Torrey's

Gray’s & Torrey’s Peaks

The Details Gray’s Peak: 14,270′ (Rank: 9th) Torrey’s Peak: 14,267′ (Rank: 11th) Elevation Gain: ~3,634′ Route Length: ~8.3 miles Centennial Pursuit: 6/100 Description: Grays & Torrey’s Peaks are two 14ers often climbed together, and are tremendously popular among outdoor enthusiasts who live in the Front Range.  Both are often climbed together in a single day with…