Who I Am…

I’m someone who loves to dream big! Someone who loves pushing down walls and strives to reach new limits. Epic outdoor adventures are my main focus, and the beauty of our natural world is what drives me. This is something I care about so much I just need to share it with the world.

A History of Me..

I grew up in rural Vermont and spent a lot my free time in the woods exploring. Whether it was building snow forts, tree forts, or riding my bike through the mud, I seemed to always want to be outside. I’m very thankful to have been raised in a place where I was able to walk out my back door and right into nature. In Vermont I learned to love winter, waiting for snow days, skiing, and snowshoeing were just a part of life.

I headed West in 2009 and wound up in Colorado. I was seeking bigger mountains, bigger adventure, and tougher challenges. I began exploring the Colorado ski areas, the higher peaks, and the numerous trails. My love of the outdoors has only grown since moving to Colorado. I’ve taken outdoor classes on Wilderness First Aid, Avalanche Awareness, and Wilderness Trekking.

While living out west I also became aware of long trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail, The Colorado Trail, and The Continental Divide Trail. The though of hiking one of these long trail started seeping in, and one day after leaving a job I was unhappy at, I decided I’d tackle one of the toughest trails in America, The Continental Divide Trail. I thought to myself, if I was going to hike a long trail, I might as well choose one of the longest, most badass trails there is!

Looking to the Future…

Mount Mansfield
Happiest when testing myself against nature’s elements.

It is now 2020, and the current state of the world is a bit turbulent with the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Just like many of you I’m sure, my adventure plans have been postponed or interrupted due to our current situation. I am being responsible and doing my part to distance myself from others and communities that may be susceptible to the Virus.

That being said I’d love to share what I’ve been spending my downtime planning! I have a few state high points left to climb, these are the more difficult ones that include: Wyoming, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.

Other adventure ideas I have kicking around in my head are:

  • A Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim Run
  • Continuing my pursuit of Colorado’s 100 Highest Peaks
  • Planning a possible Thru Hike of the PCT and AT

Only time will tell how the rest of 2020 will play out. We should all practice respectful and smart actions. This however doesn’t mean we can’t still get outside! If you want to follow my current outdoor pursuits be sure to follow my Instagram for the very latest.

A little about my experience…

  • Thru Hiked the Continental Divide Trail in 2017 (2,800+ miles)
  • Trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Colorado 14,000′ Peaks (11/58)
  • NOLS Wilderness First Responder Course
  • U.S. High Points (44/50)
  • National Park High Points (17/61)
  • Have traveled and hiked in Nepal, New Zealand, Canada, and Belize
  • Trail Marathon in New Zealand

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