Who I Am and What I do

I’m here to share my love of adventure and the outdoors. If you love the mountains and trails as much as I do, and have that burning desire to explore what’s around the corner, or over the next ridge, then you’re in the right place. You’re also in the right place if you love finding those beautiful places that can only be reached on foot, the kind of places that take your breathe away. So I say welcome, I say let’s get out there and explore, and I say let us preserve and enjoy this beautiful planet in which we live!

My name is Chris Denu, and what makes me happy is sharing this common love for the outdoors with others. I love swapping stories, talking about the places I’ve been, and sharing things I have learned on the trail. I want to help encourage others to get outside, to appreciate the magnificent wilderness. I want to ease people’s anxiety and fear about back-country travel, and give you confidence in your abilities. One of my favorite things is when I take someone on a hike they’ve never been on, and sit back and enjoy the look on their faces when a beautiful landscape opens up in front of them!

Why I do it

I have been fortunate to visit many places, hike many trails, and see many amazing things!  Of course there is always more to see!  For the past several years I have been exploring Colorado and all the Rocky Mountains have to offer!  I have also traveled to places like beautiful British Columbia, New Zealand, and the British Virgin Islands.  Future adventures include Nepal, and thru hiking the Continental Divide Trail.  These experiences have taught me so much, and I really do enjoy sharing that knowledge.

If you get as excited as I do about the great outdoors, and are a seeker of knowledge like me, then sign up, follow, and reach out to me!