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Mount Mansfield


My goal is to help inspire and empower others to get outside and seek wilderness and travel adventures! 


I hope then in turn it’ll help them to see the beauty of this world and why it’s so important to protect it.

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2019 High pointing goal

Current Stats:

Miles Hiked
Elevation Gain
Cumulative Elevation

wipeOUT Noise around us has become a bit of a mantra around here. So for 018 we’ve again applied what we’ve learnt in the past

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Grays & Torrey's

Grays & Torrey’s Peaks

The Details Gray’s Peak: 14,270′ (Rank: 9th) Torrey’s Peak: 14,267′ (Rank: 11th) Elevation Gain: ~3,634′ Route Length: ~8.3 miles Centennial Pursuit: 6/100 Description: Grays & Torrey’s

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